Religion vs Relasjon – Ny taleserie av Morten Aune

religionvsrelasjon Taleserie i to deler av pastor Morten Aune Hør talseserien Religion vs Relasjon nedenfor: Del taleserien med dine venner: Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Gå til taleserien Vil du bli mer inspirert?  Gå til vår podcast Se hva som skjer Se flere i PK Kalenderen

Online gudstjenester fra Pinsekirken Sandvika

Neste sending Dager Timer Minutter Sekunder Søndag om en uke Online gudstjenester hver søndag kl 11:00 https://youtu.be/1Y-Ea7YHam0Se også gudstjenesten på       Velkommen til Pinsekirken Sandvika Hei og velkommen til kirken vår. Vi håper du har det bra og at du i våre online gudstjenester blir inspirert til å leve det livet Gud har for …

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Daniel dilemmaet: Hør den populære taleserie av Morten Aune

DanielDilemmaet Hvordan stå fast & elske verdeni en kultur av kompromiss? Pastor Morten Aune Bli inspirert av Daniel og hør den populære taleserien i 3 deler nedenfor: Del Daniel Dilemmaet med dine venner: Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email religionvsrelasjon Hvordan få et friskt, livgivende fellesskap med Gud Gå til taleserien Vil du bli mer …

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PK Music

Into His presence Singing and music, praise and worship have served the service of Pinsekirken for many years, and still do it every Sunday when we share fellowship and faith in Jesus in our service. Our desire is for the song and the music to lead YOU into the presence of God. Martin Gulbrandsen Leader …

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PK Mission

To the end of the world Pinsekirken wants all people to hear the gospel, even outside Norway’s borders. Mission has always been something Pinsekirken has engaged in and is something we want to continue with. We are called to go all over the world and preach the gospel. Our church therefore has a broad mission work …

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PK Care

Come to me all of you who weary and heavy-laden PK Care aims to help people with difficulties in their everyday lives. This is through personal contact, personal experience, through the power of the gospel of Jesus and through professional knowledge. Tom Aune Leader PK Care omsorg@pinsekirken.org SOCIAL WORK in Pinsekirken Our social work covers …

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Relief shipments to Eastern Europe Hjertelag is a humanitarian aid work run by Pinsekirken in Sandvika. There are great needs and we want to be able to help those who need it the most! See pictures from packing a previous help shipment below Support the transport ​Vipps #15875 ​mrk. Hjertelag Please call me: 932 33 …

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Doing something nice together Once a month we invite to AfterChurch. This is a social gathering for everybody who wants to get to know someone and have a nice time. Throughout the year you are invited to bbq, walks, swimming, skiing, skating or other activities. If you have any questions, please contact Henriette and Tor-Henry …

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