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On top of life

Pinsekirken is a church for people of all ages. Every first Thursday of the month we meet for Torsdagstreff. We also do community tours and an annual Senior Party. The work is led by Tom Aune, Lene Rødven and Åse Holum Flatner.

Åse holum flatner

Lene Rødven

Tom Aune

At Torsdagstreff in Pinsekirken we have fellowship, sing together, share testimony and hear inspiring speeches. Both internal and external guests share God’s word with us and we provide the opportunity for intercession. We serve delicious sandwiches and a little sweet for the coffee. Come and have a nice chat with the others around the table. The collections are open to everyone – so bring a neighbor or friend.

Pictures from various events and tours for seniors

Rull til toppen