PK Life

LIFE – here, now and for eternity

We are made for fellowship – with God and with each other. We need it to grow as Christians. As a congregation we need close fellowship to fulfill our mission to love, enable, and to make people into followers of Jesus. .

Rune Gulbrandsen

Leader - PK Life

Our vision for Life-groups is:


Fellowship characterised by close relationships and God’s power


Practical love so that people get to know Jesus


Personal growth by understanding the truth about God and myself


Different gifts and ministries that build fellowship

We focus on many different groups for different people, but the vision, the monthly theme and leadership follow-up is the same. The groups meet up in someone’s home 1-4 times a month.


So we would like to invite you to a LIFE-group!


Derfor vil vi gjerne invitere
DEG til en LIFE-gruppe!

We call these fellowships LIFE-groups,
because it’s about:

  • Life – here and now, and for eternity
  • Living fellowship
  • Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life

Join a Life-Group

  • Contact us by the Information desk after services
  • If you know someone who allready attend a group – join them
  • We need more leaders – please tell us if you are interested
  • Send us an email:  life@pinsekirken.org

We love visits as well!

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