PK Care

Come to me all of you who weary and heavy-laden

PK Care aims to help people with difficulties in their everyday lives. This is through personal contact, personal experience, through the power of the gospel of Jesus and through professional knowledge.

Tom Aune

Leader PK Care

SOCIAL WORK in Pinsekirken

Our social work covers several areas:

Our counselling team is made up of men and women of all age groups. We provide counselling and prayer for people connected to our church who are experiencing difficulties or are in crisis. We have various professional backgrounds and expert qualifications, which has proven to be useful. Please contact us at: omsorg@pinsekirken.org

Our church is a congregation for people of all ages. Through our senior work, we arrange “Thursday Meet” every first Thursday of the month, fellowship outings and an annual “Senior Fest”.

Intercessory prayer and laying of hands are offered at many of our church’s services and gatherings. Those who are in this ministry have the spiritual gifts for this and exceptional human knowledge. This ministry is lead by Mai Elin Aune Rensel.

All of our social workers are bound to a duty of confidentiality as they enter this ministry.

Plase contact us: omsorg@pinsekirken.org
Leader: senior pastor Tom Aune

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