Relief shipments to Eastern Europe

Hjertelag is a humanitarian aid work run by Pinsekirken in Sandvika. There are great needs and we want to be able to help those who need it the most! See pictures from packing a previous help shipment below

Support the transport
​Vipps #15875
​mrk. Hjertelag

Steinar gulbrandsen
and mikael Reiten

Leaders Hjertelag

Put bags of cloting in one of our containers in Pinsekirken (the old church), Elias Smiths vei 13, Sandvika.

Hjertelag can be contacted by e-mail hjertelag@pinsekirken.org or by phone +47 932 33 654 (Steinar) / 915 98 963 (Mikael)

Please fill the containers with

  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Children bunnies (stuffed only)
  • Textiles

For other things, please contact us:

  • Bigger toys
  • Sports
  • Kitchenware
  • Other major things

See pictures from a previous help shipments

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