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Pinsekirken Sandvika

Postal adress:
Postboks 76, 1301 Sandvika
Email: post@pinsekirken.org

Visit us during weekdays:
Pinsekirken, Elias Smithsvei 13, Sandvika
Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday og Thursdau from  10:00 til 14:00.

Sunday services 11:00 AM:
Bærum Kulturhus, Claude Monets allé 27, Sandvika

Sundays: Cash, creditcards or use Vipps #15875.
Do you want a simple way and get “gifts and tithes” fixed to the church? Contact the office for more info.

Bank account for donations: 1627.07.29227
Gifts for humanitarian and charitable purposes can be deducted from the tax return. The minimum amount to obtain tax deductions is NOK 500 during a revenue year and a maximum of NOK 40,000. You can save up to 28% of the gift amount. Give gifts to the Pentecostal church with an agreement giro Many of our members have fixed monthly from their online bank. We can help you. Please contact us if you would like to know more about this.

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Welcome to Pinsekirken in Bærum Kulturhus

Sunday services 11:00 AM
Bærum Kulturhus, Claude Monets allé 27, Sandvika

Welcome to Pinsekirken - the old Sandvika church

Visiting adresse:
Pinsekirken, Elias Smiths vei 13, Sandvika

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